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Cloud-Based SaaS Products


Money Transfer, Compliance and Forex SaaS solution

Build your own tailored solution to truly fit your needs and seamlessly incorporate critical components like the enforcement of your business and AML rules, as well as enable automated KYC verification throughout your operation.


Content Management and Digital Signage SaaS solution

Extend the creative reach of your corporate communications and marketing units.

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About Us

Over 10 Years of Delivering Excellence

User-friendly solutions to meet the latest industry challenges while providing great flexibility, scalability and exceptional support.

Our solutions are designed, developed, and supported by industry specialists focused on meeting the challenges of ever changing standards and allowing our clients to grow their business, with peace of mind.

We are a friendly, close-knit team of professionals committed to providing the highest level of quality and personal attention to detail dedicated to your success

Leadership Team

Santiago Romero
Co-founder of MediaLink, as CEO directs all aspects of the company’s business and has been serving as the main architect for Medialink services with focus on operational efficiencies, process improvement, communication, negotiations, strategic planning and implementation.
Eduardo Fernandez
Co-founder of MediaLink, is responsible for the overall financial strategy for and the day-to-day activities of Medialink from administrative to strategic planning helping the company successfully build and scale.
Juan De La Puerta
Joined Medialink in 2017, his main focus areas include strategic planning, advancing marketing initiatives and driving growth in Medialink sales operations. Prior to joining Juan lead the global marketing solutions business of BBVA.
Sandra Amador
VP of Products and Software
Joined Medialink in 2011, Sandra has greatly contributed to the development of all the company’s technologies and leads the software and product teams.
Lucas Menna
VP of Products and Software
Joined Medialink in 2009, Lucas has led the company’s technology teams and he’s focuses on building high quality technology systems and products and oversees production and Client support.
Marilyn Brookes
VP of Client Services
Marilyn joined Medialink in 2008,has contribute to Medialink success not only leadingthe client services team but also assisting with multiple , day to day tasks and as a procuring officer.
Andrés M. Rodríguez
Head Product Developer
Andres, joined in 2016, an Industry veteran in software development and lifecycle management lead the R&D development.
José H. Sernaqué
Head Product Developer
Jose joined in 2013, as senior developer deploys and maintains Medialink cloud applications
Ricardo Rodríguez
Head Project Manager
Ricardo joined in 2009 heads the product quality assurance, technical installations. He’s focus on creating efficiencies, strategic planning, and technology to achieve scalability in its operations.

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