Secure, universal, easy to use and fast to deploy. It will forever change the way you communicate with and influence your audience
A secure, cost effective and powerful Cloud Computing Platform enabling one to interact and engage viewers in real time by seamlessly and automatically deploying digital media content to any number of digital signage /or interactive displays, anywhere and anytime.
Like no other communication platform or digital signage company, Medialink provides complex critical applications to many industries, corporations, franchises, retailers, all fully automatic and self deployed.
Exclusively designed for continuous use and the most rugged environments, integrating seamlessly with Medialink`s platform to deliver unsurpassed reliability and performance all at a great value:
 • Digital Signage Players
• Industrial LCD & Led Displays
• Interactive Consoles & Kiosk
Medialink brings our Clients the opportunity to explore and create endless possibilities and functionalities to showcase their tailored dynamic and engaging content as part of integrated BTL communications and marketing strategies. These primarily offer segmented messaging with the overall objective of triggering immediate response and action from audience at specific dispersed locations.